Coconut Oil: Nature’s Best Kept Hair Secret

When people think of coconut oil, they often think of using it to cook or to moisturize their skin. What many people don’t know is using coconut oil promotes healthy and luxurious hair.

In fact, coconut oil has been one of nature’s best kept hair secrets for centuries throughout the coastal regions of the world. Residents of regions such as Malaysia, Burma and the Philippines have long known the benefits of using coconut oil for hair.

Coconut oil contains a healthy mixture of vitamins, minerals, lauric acid and carbohydrates. These substances promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.

The benefits of using coconut oil as part of a daily hair care regimen are endless. Not only can coconut oil be purchased as a topical treatment for hair, it can also be purchased in an edible form. The edible form also provides benefits for the hair.

When using coconut oil consistently, many people notice a difference in the condition of their hair in less than three months. There are many benefits that will be reaped as a result of using coconut oil.

Conditions Hair

Coconut oil is a nourishing conditioner for all types of hair. It contains minerals that penetrate the hair shaft and prevent dryness. As a result, hair gradually becomes naturally shiny and healthy.

Promotes Hair Growth

Consumers spend billions of dollars each year on products that claim to make hair grow. Unfortunately, many products do not deliver on their claims. The good news is coconut oil is an effective and inexpensive product to use to grow luxurious hair.

Prevents Hair Breakage

When hair is exposed to chemical treatments and heat, it will become dry over a period of time. Hair that suffers from excessive dryness will become damaged and weak. The moisturizing effects of coconut oil prevent hair from breaking.

Effective Lice Treatment

Another benefit of coconut oil is it successfully prevents and treats head lice. According to The Israel Journal of Medicine, coconut oil is effective because it repels lice and their eggs.

Treats Dandruff

There are few conditions more problematic for the scalp than itchy dandruff. Coconut oil contains fatty acids that kill the bacteria and fungus that cause dandruff.

Protects Hair From Sun Damage

Summertime heat can wreak havoc on the health of hair. It is not uncommon for the sun to damage hair and cause extreme dryness. Another benefit of coconut oil is its ability to protect hair from sun damage. It contains a natural and effective sunscreen that is safe for people of all ages.

Uses of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can be used as a deep conditioner. By applying coconut oil to the hair, it repairs split ends and moisturizes the scalp.

Another use for coconut oil is as a daily detangler. Many people with long hair experience hair that tangles easily. Coconut oil detangles hair without leaving a build-up or greasy residue.

Coconut oil may also be used as a base for all-natural hair coloring. It has the ability to prevent premature fading that is often associated with natural hair coloring.

Get Your Coconut Oil Today

If you want healthy hair, it is essential to tap into nature’s best kept secret and use coconut oil regularly. Visit to purchase a high quality coconut oil today.

Sylvia Wallace

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