Different Types of Coconut Oil

Is There Anything Coconut Oil Can’t Do?

Not many foods can be classified as a true ‘superfood’, but coconut oil is definitely one of them. Its unique blend of fatty acids offers profound health benefits. Some of these benefits include better brain function, weight loss, and many other incredible benefits as well.

Coconuts have always been a prime source of good nutrition since they contain healthy oil, juice, and meat. The oil in coconuts is perhaps the most healthy and nutritious aspect of the coconut itself. Raw coconut oil contains more than 90 percent saturated fat along with antifungal, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties.

Coconut Oil: Refined vs. Unrefined

There are two primary categories of coconut oil – refined and unrefined. Here’s the difference:

• Refined Coconut Oil

Refined coconut oil is oil that’s been deodorized, bleached, and comes from dried coconut meat called copra. The oil that’s derived from copra needs to be purified using bleaching clays since impurities arise while it’s being dried. Extreme heat is then used in order to thoroughly deodorize the oil, which eliminates its characteristic flavor and smell. Some brands utilize chemical solvents so they can extract as much coconut oil as possible from the coconut’s meat.

• Unrefined Coconut Oil

Unrefined coconut oil is commonly referred to as pure coconut oil, organic coconut oil, or extra virgin coconut oil.

The oil itself is extracted from the fresh meat of the coconut instead of drying it first. The fresh meat goes through one of two processes: quick drying or wet milling.

The most commonly used technique is quick drying. This process quickly dries the meat and then the oil is expressed using a machine. Wet milling is the process whereby the milk of the coconut is completely expressed from the virgin meat and then immediately boiled, fermented, and then separated from the coconut milk through the use of centrifuge or enzymes.

The Many Amazing Benefits of Coconut Oil

1. Aids weight loss.

Coconut oil is a very strong agent in helping people lose weight. It has both short-chain and medium-chain fatty acids that enable people to shed excess weight naturally. Also, it’s very easy on the digestive system and also has the ability to boost the thyroid and endocrine system in general. Furthermore, it enhances the body’s metabolic rate, thereby helping overweight or obese people lose weight.

2. Good for the heart.

There is a common misconception among the masses that coconut oil isn’t good for the heart since it contains a significant amount of saturated fat. But the truth is that coconut oil is extremely good for heart health. It has around 50 percent lauric acid that actively helps prevent a number of heart issues including high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.

3. Helps skin infections heal.

When coconut oil is applied to infected areas on the skin, it instantly forms a chemical layer that works to protect the damaged area from external dust, viruses, bacteria, and fungi. The rich oil is also highly effective in eliminating bruises since it accelerates the healing process of injured tissue. Coconut oil is a known immune booster as well.

4. Beautifies the skin.

Another key benefit of organic coconut oil is how comparable it is to mineral oil. But, unlike typical mineral oil, there’s no chance of experiencing any negative side effects when applying extra virgin coconut oil. The oil has also been known to treat a number of skin issues including eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, and other unpleasant skin infections as well.

5. Effectively treats candida.

Coconut oil is a common agent in the fight to control candida albicans. It can provide extreme relief from the severe inflammation that candida can cause, both internally and externally.

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