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Coconut oil can be used for a wide variety of health, wellness, and beauty issues. However, there seems to be a lot of confusion about the different types of coconut oil on the market. What’s good and what’s not so good, etc. Before you can make an intelligent decision about which coconut oil is right for you and your situation, you need to know a few of the basics about coconut oil before you begin your search.

Raw, virgin or extra virgin, organic, unrefined or unprocessed and cold-pressed are all terms used for the best coconut oil you can buy and the ones that are the healthiest for you.

Misleading terms, that don’t necessarily mean they are bad, but just mean they aren’t as healthy, are as follows: pure does not mean raw and refined means that it has probably been chemically processed, so it will contain some toxins. However, this type of coconut oil is still better and slightly healthier than using other types of processed oils.

LouAna Coconut Oil Review

LouAna Coconut Oil is pure, non-hydrogenated and non-GMO; however, it has been refined, which means you will not receive nearly as many health benefits from it. But for those on a budget, using this type of coconut oil is still better than using any other type of processed oil, especially for cooking. However, you would be much better off buying a raw, organic, unrefined, virgin or extra virgin coconut oil such as Nature’s Way Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, if you want to receive all the health benefits that come with consuming a higher grade of coconut oil.

LouAna Coconut Oil For Hair

Using LouAna coconut oil for hair is not recommended. Since LouAna coconut oil has been refined, it is very similar to any other processed oil and will not be as easily absorbed into your hair like an unrefined coconut oil would be and therefore does not provide your hair with the same benefits. Additionally, using LouAna coconut oil for your hair will only create clumps and leave your hair extremely greasy.

LouAna Coconut Oil For Skin

If you want a good skin moisturizer, using LouAna coconut oil for skin is a perfectly good use for this type of coconut oil. It will make your face feel soft and smooth; however, the benefits of this type of coconut oil are not as long lasting as a quality coconut oil would be.

Is LouAna Coconut Oil Refined?

Many people ask the question “Is LouAna Coconut Oil refined?” The answer is yes! LouAna Coconut Oil is very refined. The confusion lies in the label. The label states that LouAna Coconut Oil is “pure,” but that does not mean unrefined. If you want the highest quality form of coconut oil to receive all the health benefits, you will need to purchase one that is raw, virgin or extra virgin, organic, unrefined, unprocessed or cold-pressed.

The Benefits Of Using Raw Coconut Oil Versus A Refined Coconut Oil

Using a raw, unrefined coconut oil will provide you with a wide variety of health benefits that you won’t get with a refined coconut oil. A refined coconut oil has been highly processed, which removes most of what is good for you. And that is why using a refined coconut oil is only slightly better than using any other type of processed oil.

Raw, unrefined coconut oil is full of medium chain fatty acids that are easily digested and have profound effects on your health. You can use unrefined coconut oil for just about anything. However, you would never want to eat a refined coconut oil straight or use it in a beverage, as a butter substitute, on your food or for oil pulling.

A Variety Of Ways You Can Use Raw, Unrefined Coconut Oil

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One of the best things you can do for yourself and your family is to add coconut oil to your daily routine. But only if you use the raw, unrefined version of coconut oil. However, if you are on a budget and can’t afford unrefined coconut oil, then using LouAna Coconut Oil is better than not using coconut oil at all. Once you experience the benefits of raw coconut oil you will never want to use anything else!

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