Unrefined Coconut Oil 101+ Uses for Unrefined Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the most popular on the market. The many benefits of coconut cover everyone regardless of their needs. It counts as some people’s best-sautéing oil and as a skin moisturizer for others. Still, others love its magic on hair. Coconut oil offers 2 choices; unrefined and the refined oil.

What is unrefined oil

Unrefined coconut oil is usually regarded as the gold standard. You’ll find the names raw, virgin, unprocessed, and organic on some labels too. This type of oil comes from fresh coconut. The unrefined oil is by far the healthiest form of coconut. It’s extracted through a wet-milled fermentation process. Unlike other processes, this one has little to zero harm on the oil’s natural nutrients. It uses low heat levels that have no effect on the vital antioxidants in the oil.

Refined Oil

As the name suggests, this is oil whose natural formula has been slightly altered with. This is either through bleaching, heating or deodorizing. In the process, some of the benefits accrued to the unrefined oils aren’t present in the refined oils.

Is there are any difference between refined and unrefined coconut oils?

Good question! Unrefined is a real powerhouse due to its original nature. Refined coconut oil has its upside too. The basic difference between these 2 is that refined oil is tasteless and odorless. As such, it has a high boiling point. It’s, therefore, a go-to for a cooking style that requires high heat, for instance, sautéing. The unrefined form comes in handy where you need the real taste of coconut in your meals. This version also has high levels of antioxidants. Needless to say, it has the best benefits when it comes to food use, household, health, skin, and beauty matters. Let’s expound more on this.

101+ uses for unrefined coconut oil

Health uses

  1. Studies show that it helps in preventing Alzheimer’s
  2. It improves blood circulation
  3. Hormone balancer
  4. It supports thyroid function
  5. It boosts calorie-burning processes
  6. Provides instant energy since it’s digested right away
  7. Makes it easy to absorb calcium and magnesium
  8. Daily intake reduces amnesia
  9. It boosts insulin levels
  10. Helps in reducing depression and anxiety
  11. Used internally to offer the unborn baby with vital fats
  12. Applied topically to reduce hemorrhoids pain
  13. Also, reduces cellulite on skin- add grapefruit essential oil (10 drops)
  14. Boosts insulin levels
  15. Antifungal and antimicrobial properties help in preventing infection and healing injuries and wounds
  16. Ingrown hair treatment
  17. Remedy for Cracked Heels
  18. Soothes chapped lips
  19. Nail cuticle oil- antifungal properties reduces finger beds fungal infections
  20. Use as an anti-fungal cream- treats athletes’ foot and fungus
  21. Great for massaging
  22. Use as sunscreen
  23. Use as a personal lubricant
  24. Add coconut oil and Epsom salts to a warm bath for natural aromatherapy benefits
  25. Helps in fighting odor
  26. Use internally to increase sun tolerance
  27. Reduces aging effects and marks
  28. Use alone as a baby’s diaper cream
  29. Apply on nail bed to stimulate growth
  30. Reduces dry, and flaky elbows
  31. Add a drop of oregano to improve gum health
  32. It’s a great remineralizing toothpaste
  33. Daily use helps in improving cholesterol ratios
  34. Reduces flu and cold
  35. Minimizes the itch of bee stings and mosquito bites
  36. Use in cracked heels
  37. Daily ingestion helps manage allergy
  38. Natural remedy for cold sores
  39. Add to tea to soothe sore throats
  40. Helps lessen arthritis
  41. Kills yeast and minimizes yeast infection
  42. Kills candida
  43. Fights Acne
  44. Researchers argue that it reduces cancer
  45. Prevents bone loss
  46. It boosts immunity
  47. Improves your mental alertness
  48. Fights inflammation
  49. Supports digestion
  50. Stabilizes sugar levels
  51. Reduces constipation

Beauty uses: More amazing beauty tricks

  1. It reduces wrinkles
  2. It’s a natural skin moisturizer
  3. For teeth whitening
  4. Creates a healthy and natural mouthwash (add baking soda, peppermint essential oil)
  5. Use the same recipe in 17 to make homemade toothpaste
  6. It’s a healthy lip balm
  7. It’s a natural makeup remover
  8. Use it to make natural lipstick. Add small amounts of cocoa powder, turmeric, cinnamon, and beetroot.
  9. Mix with tea tree oil, lavender, and raw honey to make a natural face wash
  10. Use as a shaving cream
  11. Prevents and treats dandruff
  12. Use as hair conditioner
  13. Add to apple cider vinegar to make sulfate-free shampoo
  14. Disinfects makeup brushes
  15. Daily topical use makes hair management stress-free
  16. Use as cheek bone highlighter
  17. Add to ground coffee beans to make homemade face exfoliator
  18. Chemical-free makeup remover
  19. Helps in detangling children’s hair
  20. Ideal for cleaning makeup brushes
  21. Non-alcoholic hair texturizer
  22. It’s a natural gel replacement
  23. It minimizes fine line
  24. Reduces stretch marks
  25. It’s a natural deodorant
  26. Adds shine to your hair
  27. Add to other oils for a natural oil cleansing regimen
  28. Use with Shea butter as a soothing body balm
  29. Use as tanning oil
  30. Add to sea salt to make dry feet smooth
  31. Use it to make magnesium body butter
  32. A natural baby lotion
  33. Opens and cleans your pores
  34. It’s a natural hair conditioner
  35. Gently massage into scalp to stimulate hair growth
  36. Reduces anti-frizz on hair
  37. Helps sooth eczema

Coconut oil for Household uses

  1. Use as gum remover (on hair, floors, and furniture)
  2. Natural lubricant for caught zippers and stuck chains
  3. Surface dust preventer
  4. Apply on metallic parts to reduce rust
  5. Use with lye or lard for homemade hand soap
  6. Use it to cover up scratches on furniture
  7. Safe chemical-free furniture and home surface cleaner
  8. Mix with lye, water, and other oils to make laundry detergent
  9. A natural carrier for candles
  10. Freshens and gives your shoes and boots shine and a new look
  11. Use as furniture polish
  12. Can also be used for homemade soap
  13. Use it on pets with skin issues
  14. Nourish your hands after dishwashing and manual laundry
  15. Add to catnip or mint oil for a natural bug repellent

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