Where To Buy Coconut Oil And Why

Coconut oil is one of the best oils for your cooking, baking and preparation applications. You can use coconut oil on your body, and you can use coconut as a panacea that will help cure almost anything that ails you. You will start by purchasing the oil on Amazon, but you will go much farther once you start using the substance in your daily routine.

#1: Buy It Online

You can purchase from Amazon or iHerb at any time, and it can be shipped in many different forms. Coconut oil is not fluid at room temperature, and you will receive a tub or canister that holds the oil. The largest tubs could hold over a gallon of the oil, or you can get a small canister that you can keep on the kitchen counter or your vanity. The oil is relatively inexpensive, and you can keep it in steady supply by making weekly or monthly purchases.

#2: Keep It In The Kitchen

You may use coconut oil for several applications in the kitchen, but you need a tub that will stay in the kitchen most of the time. Think of your coconut oil like olive oil, butter and salt. You have these things ready to go at all times, and you can make any of your food without much effort. Keeping coconut oil close at-hand will change the way you make your food.

#3: Breakfast

Coconut oil is one of the best breakfast items in the world. Coconut oil is much healthier than butter, and you can go with skinny coconut oil if you want to cut down more on fat content. Apply coconut oil to your toast, use it in your oatmeal or fry your eggs with some coconut oil in the pan.

#4: Lunch And Dinner

Toast the bread for your sandwiches with coconut oil, and add coconut oil to the pan when you make a small batch of pasta and sauce. You are free to use coconut oil in your lunch smoothie, or you can take a spoonful of coconut oil as a small snack. Your coconut oil can be used while you are frying tortillas on a griddle, or you can use the coconut oil when you want to add some fat to your burgers. Get around using butter by substituting the oil.

#5: Skin Care

Coconut oil is one of the best night creams you can use. The oil will help keep your skin clear, and it helps to close pores that are prone to blackheads. A daily application of coconut oil will help you keep your skin smooth, or you can apply coconut oil to your legs before you shave. You can forgo shaving cream, or you can use the oil to soothe your skin after you shave.

#6: Cuts And Burns

You can treat cuts and burns with a bit of coconut oil just after you are hurt. Coconut oil will help to soothe the wound, and coconut oil is much easier to use than antibiotic ointments. Children who are particularly scared of medical supplies will enjoy the odor of coconut oil when it is used to help treat their cuts. A very small child that may bite the wound or lick an ointment will be safe if they accidentally ingest a bit of coconut oil.

Coconut oil can be bought in large quantities online, and you can use it for just about anything around your home. Cook your food with the oil to get a hint of the wholesome flavor, treat your cuts with the oil and care for your skin from the same container of oil.

Sylvia Wallace

Sylvia Wallace is a young system analyst, wife, and mother of two children from Vermont and this is a bit of copy about her. Sylvia has always been passionate about healthy cooking. Katie continuously exploring new types of dishes and trying out new ways to improve her cooking and health.

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