Best 5 Coconut Oil Reviews: For Improved General Health

The norm is always annoying. Using the regular cooking oils, butter, toothpaste, and other products on our bodies could become awful with time. It’s, therefore, advisable to find alternatives that spice up life from time to time. Using the best coconut oil in your daily life is among the wisest decisions you will ever make.

Currently, many people are taking a new approach to beauty, eating and oral care. The use of coconut oil in these areas is raising much concern on the market. Many people prefer virgin coconut oil to the regular cooking oil and butter. Also, coconut oil is replacing the use of the re-known beauty and oral care products. One could wonder why the rare commodity could be an immediate cause of mayhem among manufacturers.

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So, are you curious to learn why coconut oil is gaining great popularity across the globe? Stick with us as we take you through the in and out of this priceless commodity.

In this article, we bring you everything there is to know about virgin coconut oil. We start off with comprehensive reviews on the top five extra virgin coconut oil products, on the market currently. Each study consists of a meaningful introduction to each product, its uses and finally its outstanding benefits. The overall health benefits of virgin coconut oils are also featured. Lastly, we bring the whole topic to closure by providing our top pic and a final verdict on the analyzed products.

We do all this with a primary aim of familiarizing you with these products to get the best value for your investment in coconut oils.


Viva Labs The Finest Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 32 Ounce

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Viva Labs have been there since time immemorial in the production of high-grade extra virgin coconut oil. Their main aim is providing an elegant essence of the tropics. Their coconut plants grow in fertile soils in the pristine region of Philippines. The exotic palms in this area flourish with incredible coconuts of pleasant sweetness. The Viva Labs Finest Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is their latest brand that ranks among the best on quality, uses, benefits and excellent results after use. It lets you experience the supreme coconut bliss with just a tablespoonful.


The coconuts used to develop this god sent product are hand-picked by experienced farmers of the Philippines. They are later cold-pressed under a low-temperature condition. The cold-press works well by preserving the health-improving antioxidants and other powerful nutrients. It’s unrefined to ensure that the nutrients, flavors, and the natural coconut aroma last. The end product is a natural, unaltered and appealing virgin coconut oil with a smooth, silky taste of the priceless Viva goodness.

Uses and Benefits:

This oil is usable in different ways. Among its most common uses are as follows:


This extra virgin coconut oil brand comes to add a unique exotic flare to your daily delicacies. It forms the best alternative to butter, conventional oils, and other fats as its more delicious and healthy. With its application, your meals are redefined with tropical goodness and a great aromatic smell. Its smoke point goes up to 350 degrees F making it ideal for a broad variety of meals including stir-fry, scrambled eggs, rice and much more. You can also add this oil to baked foods to enhance their nutritional value and their flavor at large. Paste this oil to your smoothies or bread to get the real taste of the tropical flare.


The manufacturer aims at improving your skin with this rare commodity. It works as a body moisturizer. All you need to achieve a smooth, healthy skin is applying this oil after every bath. It restores rough, dry skin on the heels and elbows. Don’t allow age or environmental conditions hinder you from achieving that great look and staying young forever.


This product comes to the rescue of those losing hair. It works by restoring hair growth by revitalizing your hair follicles. The results are well-colored hair. Forget the embarrassment that comes with a hairless scalp with this virgin coconut oil brand. It also improves your hair’s gloss and manageability to ensure that you always walk out looking elegant and neat at all times.

Other features:

100% purity:

All Viva Lab’s products are organic certified. The test on the coconut oil indicates no trace of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Also, no toxic ingredients constitute the processing stage. The cold-pressing process ensures no component of the oil disappears. The result is many health benefits, an appetizing aroma, and a delicious taste in the cleanest way possible.

High-levels of Medium-chain Triglycerides:

The MCTs are a potent form of the essential fatty acids required by the body to produce energy. They work by maintaining the ideal weight, enhancing healthy metabolism and increasing stamina.


Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil, Refined, 1 Gallon

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Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil has been the best seller in the USA and other states for over a decade. It’s a brand whose flavor and quality find a place in the hearts of millions of its users across the globe. Nutiva is a company whose top priority is delivering the highest-grade products. Concentrating on this coconut oil brand, you will notice that it comes to the rescue of many.

It’s ideal for cooking, skin care, hair care, dietary supplement, and oral care. It’s a product that has strengthened the Nutiva Company’s brand name on the market. The company’s motivation is transforming the world through healthy eating and maintaining sustainable body check-up for a longer life span.


The coconuts which produce this virgin coconut oil come from SE Asia. Their harvesting is at the most suitable growing stage. Picking them when fresh ensures that the oil comes with many useful ingredients.

The oil is 100% organic, non-GMO, to ensure no side effects with its application. Also, it contains no cholesterol to shield you from obesity and other fatal diseases like heart attack.


The Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil comes as the best alternative to the use of butter and cooking oil. It serves all you cooking needs and results to healthy meals free of the life-threatening cooking oils. Many people prefer using it for baking and sautéing. You are sure to increase your love for bread as it boosts your appetite when applied on food. Many people have also realized that the trick to tasty veggies and mouth-watering popcorns is in the use of this coconut oil.


The manufacturer makes this product to be 100% chemical free to work on your skin with no adverse effects. It maintains your skin moisturized all day long when well applied throughout the body. It’s also ideal for use as a shaving cream and eye-makeup remover. When combined with other organic sugars, it works as a facial scrub.


The ingredients in this virgin coconut oil brand ease its use in deep hair conditioning. It works magic in repairing damaged and dry hair. It revitalizes your hair follicles for an increased hair growth.

Oral care:

Using a tablespoonful of the Nutiva coconut oil to take care of your oral hygiene is a sure bet in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. One should swirl a little of this oil in the mouth for approximately 20 minutes every day to realize an improved oral well-being.

Other features:


This product finds its use in many different areas. It serves as cooking oil, in skin care, oral care, and hair care. You will always find a way to use this priceless commodity. No side effects come with its use, so you can be sure to get the best from it regardless of age, sex, or skin sensitivity.

Powerful ingredients:

Among its primary ingredients are 62% triglycerides and 50% lauric acid. These two components work by boosting your body’s immunity and healing various viral diseases. Lauric acid, for example, prevents and cures influenza, blisters and cold sores to mention but a few illnesses.

Unbeatable price:

Despite all these features and uses, this product comes at a friendly price as compared to its counterparts. It is affordable even to those operating on small budgets. You don’t need to sacrifice a lot to start using this powerful product. Just set aside some few dollars and you are free to go.


Barlean’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Barleans Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, 16oz (3 Pack)

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A product from Barlean’s manufacturers comes with the best quality, safety, and unique ingredients. Their hard earned experience allows them to stay at the top of the market. Barlean’s have been in operation since the year 1989. They continue to produce a broad range of great oils. Their success in this competitive market comes from their unwavering integrity, hard work, and ingenuity.

The re-known Barlean’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, 60-Ounce Jar (Pack of 2) comes to the rescue of many as far as general well-being is concerned. It’s a product that’s made to meet high-quality and health standards.


The quality of this product excludes it from the many different coconut oil brands on the market. All the coconut fruits that generate this oil are hand selected and picked at the right growth stage when fresh, ensuring that the resulting oil contains many essential ingredients that collaborate to boost your health.

Cooking enthusiasts:

It could be the best choice for baked or stir—fried food lovers. It’s known to give a great taste and flavor to every meal. It also works great with curries and other dishes that auger well with a coconut flavor. It brings out a whole new look of your different meals. Its ingredients boost your eating habits and appetite to ensure you gather enough energy in preparation for diseases and adverse conditions.

Hair maintenance and improvement:

The Barlean’s coconut oil works as a hair conditioner. It keeps your hair looking great. People with hair loss problems will find this oil as the best solution. It revitalizes the hair follicles to ensure your hair keeps growing at all times. It also improves your hair’s strength to prevent breakage while combing or styling.

Make-up remover:

With this oil in your shelf, you don’t need to keep visiting your local store in the search for make-up removers. This coconut oil works in doing away with any make-up. It doesn’t react with any chemicals in your makeup thus no adverse effects result from its use.

Skin Therapy:

People with rough and wrinkled skins will find this product as a god-sent solution. Applying it throughout the body ensures that your skin stays moisturized all day long. It brings your skin back to life making you look younger and ever sexy even at old age.

Other features:


This product is 100% organic. The coconuts from which it’s generated grow in the Philippines under organic farming methods. There exist strict restrictions on the application of pesticides or other harmful chemicals. It’s also non-GMO and doesn’t come with any trans-fat as it is non-hydrogenated.

Great health benefits:

The oil comes with Caprylic and lauric acids. Lauric acid finds its use in the treatment of viral infections like influenza, swine flu, common cold and avian flu. It could also help in the case of a cold sore, blisters, genital herpes and genital warts. This product also boosts your appetite through its appealing flavors. You, therefore, improve your eating habits to supply your body with necessary nutrients for growth and disease resistance.


The manufacturer aims at making this product as useful as possible. It finds its use in many areas including hair development, nutrition, and beauty. It’s, thus, an extra versatile product that delivers more than its competitors on the market.


Better Body Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Better Body Foods Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil -- 28 fl oz by BetterBody Foods

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Are you in the search for an affordable organic coconut oil brand? Are you tired of using inferior quality cooking oils and butter that result in food disappointments? Then this extra virgin coconut oil by Better-body Food nutrition Lic is here to your rescue. A person who values his/her life should find this as an ideal alternative to the life-threatening oils. It’s here to shield you from diseases by ensuring you stay healthy at all times. Apart from cooking, this product finds its use in skin therapy, hair revitalization and brushing of teeth.


All Batter-body products come from well-ripened coconut. The coconuts come from healthy gardens and are picked at the right growth point to ensure that they come with all the necessary ingredients. The oil extraction and packaging maintains high levels of hygiene to ensure that the end product is free from any harmful elements. It’s certified organic so you can be sure about its health benefits.

Cooking enthusiasts:

The Better Body Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil| 830 ml comes to the rescue of anyone out there with a dire need to improve his/her cooking to a great extent. It’s here to allow you present excellently cooked healthy meals to your loved ones.


This coconut oil finds its use as a hair moisturizer. Applying this oil on your hair improves your hair’s strength. It also gives your hair an elegant look as it stays shining all day long.

Skin Therapy:

The ingredients of this coconut oil ease its use in the development of a soft, healthy skin. Many people today apply this coconut oil on their faces and the entire body to obtain a new look and a supple feel. Aging is no longer a bone of contention to those who wish to stay young and look sexy forever with the application of this valuable product.

Teeth brushing:

Hundreds of people have attested on having done away with tooth decay and ache with the use of this coconut oil. Adding a few drops of this coconut oil to your mouth and keeping it there for some time helps in eliminating tough tooth decays and stubborn toothaches.

What makes this virgin coconut oil exceptional?

100% natural:

Having gone through in-depth tests, this product has emerged to be 100% organic. It does not contain any harmful ingredients. It’s, therefore, safe for everyday consumption. You are also free to use it on toddlers without fear. It assures you of a long life free from diseases as you no longer need to use the other life threatening cooking oils.

Unbeatable price:

The price of this coconut oil brand comes as a surprise to many. With all these excellent properties and uses, many expect this product to be quite expensive. However, this product costs only a few dollars. It suits everyone including those operating on small budgets.

Excellent package:

This product comes as 12 packs, 830 ml cans of virgin coconut oil. It keeps you cooking and using it for all the other purposes for a long time, thus helps you in planning your budget. It also saves you the hustle of running up and down to your local store to purchase some oil now and then.


The manufacturer of this product aims at making it useful in a hundred of ways. Those who wouldn’t like to use it for cooking may find it ideal for their hair, skin or even for their teeth. It is also suitable for everyone regardless of age or sex, as it is 100% allergy free.


Kelapo Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Kelapo Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 128-Ounce

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Kelapo is company well-known in the production of high-end coconut oils. For many years, they have been on the front line in the quest to bring about a reliable alternative to the use of butter and cooking oils. As a result, they have continuously supplied their enthusiasts with excellent virgin coconut oils.

Their products speak for themselves as they ease the preparation of well-cooked, delicious meals. Among their great products is the Kelapo Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 640-Ounce. This coconut oil is expertly developed to serve your cooking needs in the best way possible.


The Kelapo Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 640-Ounce comes with the best quality. It comes from outstanding coconut palms in Sri Lanka. It is 100% organic as it does not include any artificial ingredient. It’s vegetarian certified so you can be sure about its health benefits. Also, this oil comes unrefined.

This coconut oil is carefully designed to suit industrial kitchens and restaurants that prepare food in bulk. It comes as a great alternative to the use of the life-threatening oils. Foodservice professionals and certified chefs will also enjoy using this product. Its package is large enough to keep you going for a long time without thinking of purchasing oil. Also, this product works well for mothers who value the health of their loved ones. Its 100% organic nature makes it ideal for the young children at home.

Unique flavors:

The manufacturer understands the need to boost people’s appetite. Thus this oil comes with a great flavor that works magic in turning a simple meal into an indulgent experience. The flavors are there to ensure you eat to your best even when going through a low appetite.


Being 100% organic, unrefined, and fair trade approved, this product wins the trust of many. It maintains and improves your health and that of your loved ones. The manufacturer avoids the use of harmful ingredients in the manufacture of this coconut oil.

Excellent packaging:

The plastic container that carries this coconut oil is known as PETE plastic. It’s proved to be safe as it contains no harmful components like BPA. It, therefore, doesn’t leak any life-threatening toxin to the oil. It comes with a dark color to ensure maximum integrity of its content. The plastic container accommodates up to 640 ounces of this extra virgin coconut oil, enough to keep you cooking for a long time. You don’t need to rush to the local store now and then to get some cooking oil. Just buy this package and forget about it.

Affordable price:

Despite providing you with all these services, this coconut oil package by Kelapo comes at a reasonable price. You are sure never to find any other brand with the same qualities, quantity, and price as this one. The top priority of its manufacturer is satisfying their esteemed customers. Money making comes as the second priority.


A high-quality virgin coconut product acts as a perfect massage oil. It moisturizes and restores all skin types. Expect no side effects unlike the use of minerals. It’s, therefore, a safe alternative for tackling or preventing flaking and dryness of the skin. It also works magic in delaying sagging and wrinkles on the skin. You remain young forever.

All the degenerative diseases and premature aging can be done away with through the use of a genuine virgin coconut oil brand. Various skin infections including eczema and dermatitis find their treatment in pure coconut oil.


The best coconut oil helps in revitalizing the weak hair follicles. It facilitates healthy hair growth. Your hair remains elegant and shiny at all times with the application of this oil. It also helps in evading protein loss, a possible cause of unhealthy and unattractive hair. Regular massage on you head using coconut oil eliminates all dandruff on your scalp and helps make your scalp soft and smooth. Virgin coconut oil also finds its use in making dandruff removal creams and hair conditioners.

Heart diseases:

High-grade natural coconut oils contain about 50% lauric acid. This ingredient helps in preventing heart problems like blood pressure and lowering the cholesterol levels. Virgin coconut oil minimizes the damage and injuries to the arteries, thus, eliminating the chances of contraction atherosclerosis.

Weight loss:

The best coconut oil helps in weight loss. The medium-chain fatty acids that are an active ingredient in all these oils help in shedding extra weight. Abdominal obesity goes away through regular intake of virgin coconut oil by women.

Oral care:

Daily consumption of virgin coconut oil helps in maintaining and improving the gums and teeth. Medics recommend supplementing your regular toothpaste with some little coconut oil. The results are less sensitive teeth and healthy gums.

Our top pick:

The Barlean’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil carries the day as best coconut oil. The excellent ingredients make it an outstanding product. It meets all the objectives of virgin coconut oil. Its manufacturer seems to have understood the secret behind creating the best extra virgin coconut oil. It, thus, comes as a whole product. Significant results of using this product within a few days of use are possible.

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The above is all there is to know about the best coconut oil. The next part of choosing the ideal product from the above remains with you. All the discussed products meet and exceed high-quality standards. Go for a product that suits your needs best. Begin to experience the benefits of virgin coconut oil with any of the reviewed products.

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