Top 5 Best MCT Oil

What are MCT oils?

Medium-chain triglycerides or MCT oils are a type of saturated fatty acids. They have many health benefits for the human body. Their uses range from better weight management to better cognitive function. MCT oil is mostly found in coconuts. In fact, almost 65 percent of all fatty acids in coconuts are MCT oils. Besides weight, these fats are great for helping to keep the heart healthy. Here are some of the best 5 MCT oils that you should try out.

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Benefits of MCT Oils

Before talking about specific products, you should know about these oils and what they do for you. The first major one is better digestion. I most cases, you may take food, and it comes out as it went it. That means not nutrients were picked up. It can be a problem if you are trying to eat healthily.

Firstly, MCT oils are good for killing bacteria. These are bacteria that prevent food absorption. Secondly, MCT oils are used to carry food into the blood. As a result, you can get more nutrients coursing through your veins. Most people who use these oils, end up looking much younger in no time.

They also help with mood swings. The major issue that people have is their inability to cope with stress. It comes from the lack of energy in the body. The MCT oils help give your brain energy. It allows you to reason your way out of an argument instead of failing badly. Try MCT oil today if you want more time with friends. You longer have to be the boring guy who stays at home who has no interest outside work.

MCT gives you the energy to work out. However, they also inhibit fat deposits on your body. That means they keep you from gaining too much fat. When your body absorbs more nutrients, it also means that you have less of cravings to eat too much. It thus prevents heart disease. Fat people are more likely to suffer heart failure. With MCT oils you can extend your life.


Pharmaceutical Grade MCT Oil

Bulletproof Brain Octane MCT Oil, 100% C8 from Coconuts, Fat Burning, Brain Boosting, Keto-Friendly, Paleo, Vegan, Organic Non-GMO, Rainforest-Alliance Certified...

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This product comes from a company called Wild Foods. The company prides itself in being American based when so many others are moving to China. The company prides itself on producing well-researched products all the time. They ensure that they provide products that are beneficial to the human body. They deal with quite a range of products. This oil is just one among many of their quality products.

Ingredients Used

The product is composed of coconut oils known as MCT oils. These are oils that occur in coconuts but at a lower concentration. What they do is purify these oils so that they have more benefits for the human body. It is something that you should consider taking daily for the rest of your life.


The main benefit if using this product is how cheap it is. As a result, you do not have to pay a lot of money to access the product. It is within a range that you can afford. It is ideal for people who do not have much to spend but would like to stay healthy. This product prevents fat formation. It can be a great thing if you have a slow metabolism. It will mean that you do not have to watch what you eat too much. It will help you concentrate on other aspects of your life. Consequently, when you work out, your efforts bear fruit.

The product is intended to help you think more clearly. It is the closest thing to a brain booster that you will ever come across. It helps jumpstart the process of glucose breakdown into energy. It will help you stay focused even in stressful situations. You will also notice that there is a guarantee of a refund. If you decide you do not like the product, send it back and get all you money back.

Due to the glucose breakdown, this product is ideal for weight loss. The reason most people give up on their gym subscription is due to getting tired. This product will help you to avoid getting tired too often. You will thus have the energy to do various things through the day like running. You will find that you cut weight much faster.

It does not have an odor or smell. It is a major problem with health supplements. The bad smell tends to keep people away from the product. However, you do not have to worry about that with this oil. It only takes you a short while to ingest it, and it does not change the taste of food. It is great for those who have sensitive noses. The colorlessness means it will not change the color of the food to something that looks inedible.

How to Use It

It is a safe product that does not need any special knowledge to operate. However, some principles could make using it more effective. For one, never use this product unless you have read the instruction manual. If it specifies certain people should avoid it, please do. For instance, if you are pregnant, avoid this product. It may bring complications for your child. However, you can use it if your doctor permits it.

One thing that you have to watch out for is the quantity that you use. With these oils, the body needs some time to adjust. That means that the body may take longer in some while shorter in others. As a result, start with the lowest amount possible. For instance, you can use half a spoon and skip a day or to. Depending on what you fell, you can decide whether you want to continue using it. In most cases, this will not be an issue. However, it is always good to be safe. It is especially important if you have suffered illness in the recent past and have had to take medicine.

Side Effects

This product is awesome. Because it is from nature, you cannot fall sick. It helps to insulate you from illness. Unless you are pregnant, do not worry. Pregnant women can only use it with their doctor monitoring. Young children should avoid it too. Their bodies already have plenty of energy.


Premium MCT Oil

Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil Bundle, 100% C8 MCT oil, Fat burning, brain boosting, keto-friendly, Paleo, Vegan, Organic non-GMO, Rainforest-alliance certified,...

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The company behind this awesome product is known as Sports Research. They have made it their business to look out for the health and wellbeing of people. The business is a family owned operation. They all put their hearts and effort into making sure that all the products they deliver are of high quality. All their products have all their products have the necessary approval from regulatory bodies. This is a great way of earning the trust and respect of their clients. They manufacture a number of fitness and health products. All of which are of the highest quality.

Ingredients Used

This product is made up of MCT oils sourced only from coconut oil. In addition, the product does not contain any solvents. The aim is to make a natural product that does not interfere with the natural working of the body. The MCT oil is found in its purified form; as a result, there is more of it than there is in a coconut.

The Benefits

The major benefit is in helping you to achieve ketosis. As a result, you do not feel like you are out of energy constantly. It also helps you to think more clearly due to the surge in energy throughout the day. You will find that you earn promotions more often due to your quick thinking. In addition, you will find that you feel energetic energy physically. It makes it easier for you to hit the gym for prolonged periods of time. This product is also quite cheap. It is way cheaper than most other products yet delivers the same level of quality.

The other benefit is fat-cutting. With this concentrate, you will find that your body can shed weight much easier. It is partly due to your body’s ability to stay active for longer. It is an awesome way for you to stay healthy and fit. The product is also from a reliable company. As a result, you can expect quality and consistency in the product. With a reputable company, you are always assured of ingesting quality products. The company offers a COA for the product. As a result, you can verify the quality of what you purchase.

How to Use It

The first step to using this product is to establish if you have an allergy to coconuts. If you are allergic to other kinds of nuts, check with your doctor first. This product is best used in salads. You can also use it as part of your morning coffee. However, frying it is not recommended. It tends to disintegrate at a very low temperature. It will also produce lots of smoke when heated. It will also not be doing you any good.

You should only use a small amount of this product in the beginning. Over time, you should up the amount you take every day. It is recommended that you take it early in the morning. It will make it more useful to you during the day.


The product comes in a black bottle. There is also an informative label covering the outside of the bottle. The squeeze nozzle is also quite convenient. It ensures that you do not put too much into your coffee or salad.

Side effects

There are no side effects to the use of this product. However, this product is not some medication. As a result, if you are sick, visit the doctor. He or she will give the right medication for your illness. It is not recommended for pregnant women either. If you notice it affecting you in any way, you have to quit using it immediately. You may experience a stomach ache if you use too much of it in the first instance. However, this will rarely be the case.


Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil

Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil Go Packs, Travel Friendly Packets, Keto Diet Friendly Source of C8 Energy, More Than Just MCT...

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Bulletproof is the company behind this awesome product. The company was founded by a wealthy man who made his fortune in Silicon Valley. The company is founded out of pure determination. When he founded it, he wanted to lose a hundred pounds in excess weight. In addition, he wanted to push the limits of its mind so that he could increase his IQ. He managed to achieve all these things. He has done this through extensive research that has got him where he is. The company is dedicated to improving people’s lives. Everything they do is a testament to this. There is every reason to believe this company to be excellent. Most of the products they sell on Amazon are always highly rated. It is proof that this is a q good quality company.

Main Ingredients

Brain Octane Oil is a concentrated form of the MCT oil found in coconuts naturally. The company sources all of its oil from natural sources. However, there is no specific location provided as to where they get it. The oil comes from coconuts of palm tree kernels.

Benefits of the Product

The main benefit of using this product is its ability to fast charge the brain. As a result, you feel that they have the energy to get on with their lives. The product also helps to provide ketones for your brain. Ketones are an important way by which the brain utilizes the glucose in the body for energy. With the brain consuming so much energy daily, it is important that it can perform this function properly.

The company that produces this product has a good quality website. It is informative and offers you a more in-depth look at the product. Besides that, many high-quality discounts are often offered for the product. The product is also widely available in many retail outlets. In addition, it can be found on Amazon. Its other advantage is that it comes with many other complementary products. Thus, you get the all-around health experience.

How to Use It

This product comes with specific instructions. It is advisable that on only takes a small amount of the product and then increase this over time. As time progresses, you should up the dosage to about three tablespoons in a day. Initially, you should only take a single tablespoon of this product.

While it is possible to take it on its own, it is also okay to mix it in with food. Most people take it as part of their coffee, salads or other types of food. When you make it part of a meal, ensure you cook it in food that have a temperature of 320 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. You can also get more benefits if you mix it in with other products from Bulletproof. For instance, you can use their coffee.


The product comes in a BPA-free package. This is a great way to pack the product as it is quite light. As a result, you can carry it in your luggage without worrying about the weight when you go on trips.

Side Effects

Brain Octane has very few side effects. However, if you take too much of it too fast, you may experience a runny stomach. Most of the side effects such as an achy stomach occur if you take it on an empty stomach. In addition, people with kidney stones are advised not to take this product.


MiCkey-T Eight


Mickey T is the company behind this great product. They produce this product as their main product. In addition, they produce another great product, which is also wellness related. The company deals exclusively in better lifestyle products. They are committed to ensuring that you have great health through what you ingest. They also ensure that you can combine it with other brands such as Bulletproof.

The Ingredients

The main ingredient contained in MiCkey-T Eight is Caprylic acid. This is a recently discovered ingredient that has been shown to have a powerful effect on the body. One of its core functions is in helping the body to quit alcohol. It is a great product if you are currently trying to cut down your alcohol intake.

Benefits of this Product

The main benefit is how cheap this product is. However, there is no compromise on the quality of the product. The companies also source all its components from natural sources. It is awesome especially for people who like to avoid chemicals from the modern world. Besides that, this product has been approved by the FDA.

Another advantage of using this product is how cooperative the owner of the site is. He always responds to issues people have promptly. In addition, he has a very informative website that is responsive. The site has a comment section, where people can leave their reviews about the product.

How to Use

Firstly, you should remember that Mickey-T Eight is in the form of light oil. It has no odor or color. However, it does have a slightly nutty taste to it, which is hardly noticeable. If you take a spoonful of this directly, it will take your breath away. You should mix it with fifty/fifty olive oil, some lemon juice, and vinegar. This makes it the perfect salad dressing.

You can also mix it in with Bulletproof coffee. This is the perfect way to start your day. If you are just starting out, make sure you only use a small amount. In fact, you should consider using half a tablespoon of the product for the first week. Afterward, you can climb upwards to up to two tablespoons each day. Besides coffee, you can mix it in with your food.


The product comes in a brown bottle that is almost nine inches tall. The bottle is made of a glass material, which is quite remarkable. This package comes with a COA scan, which is quite awesome.

Side Effects

The FDA approves the main ingredient in this product. As a result, you should not expect any side effects. The only slight problem you would experience is a stomach upset if you take too much of it at a go. In addition, you may experience loose stool from using too much of it at once. It is advisable to start small and grow from there. If you experience anything, consult your doctor. You should also check the expiry date to avoid taking expired products.


NuMedica MCT Oil USP


Numedica is a company located in Tulsa in the US. The company is a leading supplier of health supplements. Besides MCT oil they deal in other products such as chocolate. The product has a commitment towards helping people achieve better in life. They have a team of scientists and other practitioners who recommend them as a quality service. Their work has won accolades in the scientific community for acting as a preventative way to deal with illness.


The company uses mostly MCT oil in the product. They also have other ingredients in there to make the oil nutritious. However, MCT oil is the main ingredient. The ingredients are carefully crafted and mixed by professionals. As a result, you can expect to find quality in each bottle you use.


One benefit is that this product comes in different sizes. There are the 16oz and 32oz options. It is ideal for people who want to try it out first before buying the big one. Other supplements do not offer this option. It is great for people without much.

This product has been proven to be energizing to the brain. As a result, you are assured of a better day when you take the product. It will ensure your day is fulfilling, and you have the energy to go through it. You will notice that you hold longer conversions with fellow employees. It can also help you to find a partner for a relationship.

You will lose weight much easier. You will no longer feel too tired to go to the gym. In addition, this product improves how well you metabolize food. As a result, it ensures that you can grow to your right size much faster. It is a great product for obese people.

This product is the perfect one for adding to food. It produces no odor. It will ensure that you can cook food without worrying about it changing color. You can also use it for everyone in your family. It will help to prevent obesity I the entire family. It will also ensure that you are all energized and able to talk at the dinner table.

How to Use It

This product requires no degree to learn to use it. You only need a spoon and gravity. Measure a small amount into a spoon and pour it over your salad. You can also add it to low heat food. Best of all it does not make food go bad. Most people imagine it will make the food taste funny. It is not the case; you will not even notice it is there.

Using the product is a gradual process. The body needs time to learn to use this new energy boost. Do not rush it. If you do, you will have painful stomach during the day. You need to give it about two weeks before you hit full doses. Take a spoon for about one week. Increase up to three spoons and stop there. You have more than enough to get you throughout the day.

Side Effects

This product is as safe as they come. Nothing can go work. Check for the expiry date before. If you notice it is past, do not use. In addition, if you fell that the odor is awful, throw it away. You can check to see of you will get a refund.

Wrap up:

Life has become quite fast paced these days. People no longer watch their diet. They eat fast food and rush back to work. However, this is not real food. It damages your body and leaves you with the risk of death. People need to start taking healthy supplements like MCT oils. They are recommended widely by health professionals. There is a realization that medicine alone cannot cure illness. The shift is now on prevention and treatment comes later. If you care about your life, you should purchase these oils. In most cases, they cost less than a day’s salary. When you look at the benefits, you should have one in your house.

Of importance is to read the instructions. Each manufacturer has a way they want their product taken. If you ignore these rules, you will pay a hefty price. You might end up affecting your health negatively. For instance, if you are on medication, talk to your doctor first. It will help you to avoid the risk of illness.

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